Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven. Matthew 18:10

Even so it is not the will of your father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish. Matthew 18:14

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fun With Chapstick

I am just a little addicted to Chapstick.. I use it all the time.. I make sure to take a few with me where ever I go just in case I lose some.

I started making my own and I really love it! The first batch I made contained coconut oil, beeswax pellets, vitamin E oil and Stress Away essential oils. 

Today I made chocolate peppermint Chapstick and it smells amazing! Seriously!!  My reason for making it Peppermint flavor is my nephew has been begging me for his own peppermint oil.. But he is too young for his own peppermint since it is a hot oil.. Mixing it in chapstick makes it perfectly safe so this is a way he can have some for himself.. And there's a lot left over for me!

Here it is:

Peppermint Chocolate Chapstick

5 Tablespoons Organic Tropic Oil (Coconut Oil)
3 Tablespoons Beeswax Pastilles
1/4 Teaspoon cacao powder
3-4 drops Vitamin E oil (optional)
17 Chapstick Tubes

Melt beeswax and coconut oil over a double boiler using low-med heat.  I just put a glass mixing bowl over a small sauce pan since I don't have a double boiler.  Once it's melted add the cacao and stir till it's mixed in.  Then add Vit E oil and the peppermint EO.  I use a syringe (without the needle) from the pharmacy to fill the chapstick tubes.  Fill them to the top and once they start to solidify you might have to add a drop or two to keep them smooth as it might have a little dip in the middle.  Let sit for a couple hours while they cool completely. Enjoy!

If you would like to try the Organic Tropic Oil for free e-mail me and I will tell you how to get it for just the cost of shipping! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Such a Beautiful Day!!

I love Oregon!! The weather has been amazing! Today was the last day for bowling. After they played we drove to Cascade Locks. It was so beautiful out.. We had a blast and now I am exhausted.. So here are some pics instead of a long post! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

After the cleanse!

So I finished the 10 day cleanse.. Well I didn't really.. The last couple days I didn't really follow all the way.  It is hard cooking for the family and not eating the food!  But it was successful!  I lost 5+ lbs.  I don't know the full amount because I didn't have a scale the first few days.

Was it worth it?  Yes!!!  My clothes feel better and my hair is still good.  Usually on a restricted diet I can see a negative difference in my hair and nails but not this time.  It's because the shake and supplements are whole food so you are getting a lot more nutrition with a lot less food.

Pros: It's super healthy.  Organic.  Non GMO. Whole Foods.  Lots of vitamins and minerals..

Cons:  It's a lot of green.. Both drinks and dollars!

Would I do it again?  Yes!  I already ordered my second cleanse and will start as soon as it gets here next week.

I really wanted to order it to try the new cleanse since they modified it.  And with the modifications you can fix real food for dinner not just have the shake!  Which is good for me.

It was the only diet that my stomach didn't growl once even though there was not much to eat.

In other news.. We have flights booked to go on vacation in a couple months!!!  We are leaving the day after the kids are out of school!!  I will actually have something fun to blog about! Yay!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 6

Today is my 6th day on the Purium Celebrity Transformation Cleanse.  I am down just over 5 inches!!  Can you believe it!

I haven't followed it to the letter.. I have had a couple meals with chicken and lettuce wrapped turkey burgers.. It's hard to only have shakes during the day when I'm working so I do what feels right for me. It's definitely working and worth it! I am going to buy the Power Kids shake for the kids next.  They have been wanting their own healthy drink.  If you would like to try it for yourself or your kids you can use my gift card code Rush4Health for $50 off your retail purchase.  If you want to read more about Power Kids you can click here for the flyer: http://www.phporder.com/images/powerkidsflyer.pdf 

We have been eating a lot healthier at home.  I have been cooking from The Makers Diet cookbook and the THM cookbook.. Plus using my slow cooker a lot.  The kids love it when I cook.  Last night I baked some chicken in a tomato balsamic sauce and put it over brown rice with butter for the kids.  Lol you should have seen their faces.  They get so excited about food!  They think I should be on a cooking show and tell me that at every meal.  They are too sweet sometimes..

Tomorrow they have their bowling league.  They have been having so much fun with that.  They really like sports but have been having a hard time competing.  They are very good but are afraid of making mistakes sometimes so it takes some of the fun out of it.  The bowling has been great because they are just hanging out with other kids and there's no pressure.  It's more of a learning to bowl league so no one makes a big deal if anyone is doing good or bad.  It's all just about having fun!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A New Day!

It is so good to wake up and feel good!  I really don't like sinus infections.. At all..

Both kids are doing really good.  We are trying to plan something fun for them for spring break.  We will most likely stay in town so I am looking for a camp or something like that.

Today we are going to go check out a school for next year.  This year school has been a little crazy.. Last year we had them enrolled to go to the school they were at.. But then we were going to be relocated to Michigan so we gave up their spot.  Then things kind of fell through and we decided to stay here.. Unfortunately their spots were gone.

Yetera started a new school and was being bullied really bad.. So much so we had to pull him out.  There was a kid that kept telling Y that he was going to kill him.  I contacted the teacher and principal a few times.  The last straw was the kid told him he had a knife at home and that he was going to bring it back to the school so he could kill him.  Obviously that would be scary to any 11 year old, but an 11 year old with PTSD you can only imagine how traumatic that would be..

So we are going to look at a really small private school that is close to our home.  A friend of mine has her kids there and really likes it so I am hopeful it will be a good fit. And since it's been awhile.. Here is our most recent family picture!  It's from our last Christmas work party.  Can you believe how tall the kids are!  They are growing like CRAZY!  Seriously!  Yetera has already grown out of all his Christmas presents.. Time to go shopping again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 3

So far so good!  The green shake reminds me of the Crunch Berry cereal.  I actually really like it!  My favorite so far is blending it with ice and almond milk. The only part of the cleanse I really don't like is the fiber drink.  Luckily that was one of the changes they made.  Now they have a fiber pill you take.. I should have waited!  But other then drinking the fiber.. It's going really well.